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White tuna fillets (belly) in butter


Belly is the most valued part of the Bonito del Norte. It is characterized by its morphology in the form of fillets and for being a particularly juicy and tasty part of the Bonito. At Los Peperetes we make canned white tuna’s belly with a careful craftsmanship process. Expert artisan hands delicately separate each slice to later introduce them one by one into their can.

To finish off, we fill the cans with the exclusive butter from  Airas Moniz artisanal cheese factory. This award-winning cheese factory from Lugo (Galicia) also makes a very special artisanal butter from raw milk from its herd of Jersey cows. They extract their cream, for letting it acidify for 24 hours, later. This makes it a more complex product with greater flavor nuances.

It is recommended to warm the can for 2 minutes under hot water before opening, to enjoy the butter in a semi-liquid state.

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